Frequently asked questions

Our main goal at Music City Escape Room is for everyone who plays to have a great time, and having all the information upfront can help make for a smooth experience! Here are some fun facts for gameplay to ensure you have an easy booking and a fun filled outing.

How many people can play in the room?
The Japanese Thriller and Superhero Adventure rooms you can book up to 9 (10 max) and Wizards and Spells plays 5 (6 max).

We have less than 9 people, is it okay to book anyways?
Yes! Smaller groups can totally book for larger capacity rooms! Do know that we book to fill the rooms, so smaller groups can be paired together to experience ample gameplay. This can be most enjoyable as some our rooms having different degrees of difficulty are so much better with a few more brains! Want to play all your own, but have less than 9 participants? You can request a private experience by booking out the full room. Otherwise, private games are not guaranteed.

Can we play in the SAME themed room at the SAME time with 2 different groups?
Awe man! We WISH! We love competition! Currently this location has one room per theme, but you CAN play 2 groups side by side in different themed rooms if you'd like, at very similar start times. Check out our booking page for times and availability so you can get an idea of how our start times slightly stagger and choose times that will work best for both your groups.

Are There Age Restrictions?
Recommendations rather than Restrictions: Ages 12 and up are the suggested age for the level of puzzles and gameplay required to escape from any of our rooms. Babies, and children under 12 are more than welcome join your family and since we want everyone who books to have an enjoyable time we do ask that families bringing underage members book their entire room for gameplay, regardless of the amount of players. We do not offer childcare, so do know regular rates are required for all players including children and infants. If a child decides they'd like to leave the game for any reason, an adult must accompany them.

Reasonable Requests from Music City Escape Room: Parties under 18 years old will be Required to have an adult present in the room during game play. Booked a party of 9? Great! 8 of those guests can be under 18.

No. We do apologize but we do not offer refunds for any reason. If you need to change your time please call us in advance (48 hours) and we will try to accommodate you within reason. One rescheduling only per booking please.

Late Arrivals
We ask that your party arrives 15 minutes prior to your room time, as we will have you sign waivers, use the restrooms, and be present for a short presentation before entering your game. Parties that arrive after booked time will not be accommodated, or rescheduled for any reason. Please make sure to map our address and plan your route to make sure you arrive on time. We understand that things happen (traffic! grrr!) so we include our address on our website, as well as your confirmation email so you can plan your travel accordingly. Feel free to call us with any questions about our location!

Have a Coupon Code?
Trying to book online, but your coupon code is not working? Review your coupon/email to see if you can book online, or if you need to call in to book. Also, some promotions are for specific rooms and can only be used for those timeslots.

Is there Parking?
Yes! And it's free! We have ample parking, even on our busiest day. Need room for a tour bus, or RV? Not a problem!

Do you serve food, drinks or cakes for parties?
We do have snacks: chips and candy galore, as well as water, sodas, and energy drinks- all available for purchase! Hot food and cake are not available. Bringing in large group meals and desserts for parties/events isn't suggested. It takes away from GAME MODE, you should be hyper focused for puzzles and clue hunting. We do have a variety of eateries all around our location so feel free to plan for a bite before or after your game.